Spirit Works Limited is a company created for two distinct purposes:

1) to create beautiful Authentic Aboriginal Products (those designed, produced and distributed by Aboriginal People); and

2) to address through our business many of the problems plaguing Aboriginal communities.

  • We are a First Nations owned, operated and staffed company focused on the design, production, and distribution of Authentic Aboriginal Products.  These include traditional bentwood boxes, jewelry, and paddles;
  • Spirit Works possesses the resources, networks, processes, suppliers, man/womanpower, and general capabilities to compete generally in the Aboriginal gifting market.
  • We currently wholesale to over 70 very reputable retailers including: Vancouver Art Gallery, Grouse Mountain, Museum of Anthropology, Black Ball Ferry, Bill Reid Gallery, Royal BC Museum, and many more.
  • We employ 5 full time Aboriginal workers in addition to providing casual labour opportunities for up to 5 more First Nations community members;
  • We provide employment and training for youth wishing to learn joinery, indigenous art or both.  We have partnered with Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society(ACCESS) to provide these opportunities to First Nations individuals who have had difficulties finding and maintaining employment. 
  • We donate space, equipment, and all-round support for First Nations artists.  This assistance has been offered frequently in relation to many different projects including 5 large scale Olympic art projects
  • We donate our time and cultural experience.  We have facilitated and donated materials for numerous workshops aimed at teaching youth important cultural lessons.  For this we have partnered with local Aboriginal organizations such as the Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA) as well as both the Aboriginal Friendship Centers in Vancouver and Victoria.
  • We donate time, space, and expertise to the Siyamin Artist Coop and incidentally the Four Host Nations (Currently Spirit Works is donating its time and expertise to design, and facilitate the construction of, the First Nations’ outpost at the Athlete’s Village in Whistler).
  • We take care of our environment by using only salvaged, recycled, or otherwise sustainable materials in our products.
  • There is much much more

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